Where to Save and Where to Splurge in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


Your kitchen is the ultimate reflection of how you live. There are no rules cast in stone when it comes to kitchen remodeling and as such where you spend and where you save will ultimately depend on your priorities.

If you are planning to remodel a kitchen in a house you intend to live in for the next 5 or 10 years, you can’t afford to use materials that will waste away in the next year or two. For instance, a granite countertop may be much preferable than a laminate because of longevity.

If you are looking for areas to save, consider the following:


When looking for kitchen appliances, go for the energy efficient ones. If you can get warranties for the appliances, it is a huge plus because they will protect your investment. It is however important to strike a balance between your expenditure on cabinets and appliances.

The appliances you spend your money on should be carefully examined. for example, if you are buying a refrigerator, you should know that it needs replacement in 15 years or sooner, but appliances such as cook tops will last much longer.


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This is the focal point of your kitchen space. It should take a much larger portion of your remodeling budget. Stone countertops are generally costlier compared to laminates, but they add both value and beauty to your home.

In terms of kitchen design, a countertop can dictate the color scheme, cabinetry, and even the furniture to put in place. If you want to indulge a little, pick a surface for your kitchen island that has a beautiful patterned granite. Visit www.rockfordgranite.com


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When installing cabinets, choose those that have soft close doors and drawers. This is because such cabinets are convenient and can also be resold where need be. Spend a little more in base cabinets because these are supposed to be more ergonomic and give better storage access.

On the cabinet material, you can choose a veneer cabinet and install it next to one that is solid wood. You can get good cabinet finishes with rich looks without incurring a huge cost. If you let Rockford pros handle the cabinet installation, you can get quality work done at an affordable price.

The last items to look at during kitchen remodeling are the handles, pulls, and knobs. The amount of money to spend on this will depend on how customized you want your kitchen hardware to be. For a custom designer, the cabinet jewelry can cost even more than $100.